Start micro podcasts in minutes.

Your voice, amplified!

micro-podcasting made easy

Download, install and sign-up - that's all it takes to start your micro-podcasts to go live! No expensive equipments, use just your phone.

Use any language

We believe we all should use the language that we are comfortable with. Use the language you love to communicate with others.

One minute, every time

You get one minute time to post a podcast. Be direct and clear all the time, every time! Need more time? Post multiple episodes.

start campaigns, get supporters

As a publisher, you can start a campaign on any cause - be it social or political. You get supporters for your campaigns instantly.

Frequently asked questions

Voicee is a voice-based micro-podcasting platform. As a publisher, you can create channels and post your podcasts. As a user, you can follow any publishers to get their updates regularly. By the way, users can also post podcasts.

Yes, Voicee is available on both Android and iPhone. 

Absolutely, from anywhere on earth. You can either be a publisher and start your podcasting channels, or can just be a listener and participate in various conversations.

Completely free, no catch.

We are happy to help if you need to know anything specific. Write to us.