your voice, amplified.

Voicee is a micro-podcasting platform where you can create your own podcasts of one minute, each episode. Minimal approach for powerful messages!

why voicee?

Smart Podcasting

Push your voice messages in a short and meaningful way. No need to have anything other than your mobile phone.

1 Minute, Every Time

Keep your messages within one minute, get connected with the world using your voice, and increase your followers.

Create Channels

As a publisher, you can create multiple channels on various topics of your interest. Then just keep adding content, easy!

Start Campaigns

Are you a non-profit or care for a cause? Start a campaign with your voice and an image and get supporters from all over the world!

Voice Is Powerful

Harness the power of human voice to build your brand, shout for a cause and be a catalyst in changing the world!

Use Any Language

Use any language that you are comfortable with, Voicee takes out the language barrier completely.

“It’s amazing to see how easily I can create a podcast in a minute. I think Voicee will change the way podcasts work.”

Felix Doughry

Micro Podcast Host

“Great app for micro-podcasting!”